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Hwaseung Material, a leader of the rubber industry in the country, is the largest company in CMB field which is called as the top of rubber material. Hwaseung Material who has the best production facility and manpower for development in the country has supplied the customer with high quality goods and acquired ISO 9001 and SQ-Mark for excellent quality. Especially for the special rubber, we are ready to give the highest satisfaction to the customer's need with better quality and competitive price in the country, Having the production capacity more than 60,000 ton a year and the biggest market share in the country. Hwaseung Material is, with this capability, accelerating to advance to overseas market. The export business is continuously increasing
together with the overseas business of Hwaseung R&A who is a sister company and automobile parts manufacturers in USA, China, India, Malaysia, etc. As the factory in Taicang, China is a starting point and new factories in overseas countries will be established, CMB will be produced and supplied from the local factories to take a speedy action for the customer requirement

CMB, which is by far the best functions and characteristics comparing with other products such as dustproof, soundproof, waterproof, etc., has been significantly applied to the automobile industry and the munition industry. With the world best CMB production technology, a high-tech equipment, and automatic control system, Hwaseung Material is timely supplying a uniform quality product minimizing errors with the raw materials of rubber thoroughly inspected and by the
various compound chemicals automatically measured. The optimized processing system is leading the customer's satisfaction to makes it possible to supply a high quality standard product and the variety of CMB products developed according to the customer's specification for their use and functions. And the product value is elevated by the strict test process for hardness, viscosity, vulcanizing time, vulcanizing rate, a property of matter, and even characteristic test if necessary.

Hwaseung Material is completely meeting the detail specification the customer wants with the variety of products and high quality from the general compound such as EPDM, NBR, CR, NR, and butyl to the special compound such as fluorine, ACM, ECO, and CSM. Especially, the differentiated high quality is recognized in the field of the weather strips for the automobile, which is necessary to have a high degree of safety, durability, and thermal resistance, the high and low pressure hoses, the dust cover, the gaskets and seals, the high foamy EPDM sponges, the industrial belts, the gaskets for power generation facility, etc.